Zehnder Decorative Radiators


Individual decorative radiators for living areas and bathrooms not only make a home warmer but also more attractive. Created by renowned designers, they impress with excellent functionality.

zehnder decorative radiator
zehnder ribbon radiator
zehnder charleston bar


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The Zehnder Range Includes

Decorative Radiators

Zehnder offer decorative radiators for the bathroom or living area. Presented in a range of designs to suit individual tastes. Designs include:

  • Zehnder AX Spa
  • Zehnder Charleston Bar
  • Zehnder Klaro
  • Zehnder Metropolitan Spa
  • Zehnder Nobis
  • Zehnder Quaro Spa

Radiator Designs

  • Zehnder Ribbon
  • Zehnder Roda Spa
  • Zehnder Roda Spa Asym
  • Zehnder Sfera Bow
  • Zehnder Stellar
  • Zehnder Stella Spa
  • Zehnder Subway
  • Zehnder Vitalo Bar