Eskimo Designs

Eskimo Designs began in the Spring of 2001 in London. A group of designers and engineers came together to create beautiful radiators to replace the ugly standard products offered to the public in so many outlets.

The company is comprised of a small but dedicated team who apply the highest standards to everything they do. Below is a small selection of Eskimo radiators to give you a brief idea of what is available.

The Eskimo product range includes radiators, towel rails and radiator valves in many designs, colours and styles. The images above show a small selection of the products available.

If you would like to see the full range of Eskimo products, you can visit Eskimo Designs

Eskimo Designs Range Includes


Eskimo Designs offer a wide range of both floor mounted and column radiators with designs to suit any home modification project. The range includes Ron wall mounted, Outline (available in multiple finishes), leggy Ron and also space saving, wall mounted, column radiators.

Towel Rails

Eskimo Designs range of towel rails includes the Gordon flash drying rail that can dry towels up to 4 times faster than a conventional horizontal towel rail. The rails are made from aluminium and are low energy to save you money on running costs. 

Radiator Valves

Eskimo Designs spent a great deal of time to find radiator valves to perfectly match our radiators.  It soon became obvious that Ottinetti radiator valves were simply the best choice.

Available in various finishes including antique brass, antique copper, brushed nickel, chrome, gold and matt.