Cifial Taps & Showers

Cifial was established in 1904. The company began life in a small workshop in the Portugese parish of Rio Meão. All products are manufactured in Cifial’s own factories in Portugal using solid lead free brass to ensure a product of the highest quality

Products are designed for the United Kingdom and include many low pressure options for areas suffering low pressure.

Cifial products are marked HP, MP, or LP to clearly indicate the required water pressure to operate properly.

The Cifial product range includes three main categories. Taps, showering and sanitaryware (basins and toilets). The images above show a small selection of the products available.

If you would like to see the full range of Cifial products, you can visit Cifial

Cifial Product Range Includes

Bathroom Taps

Cifial offer a wide range of both traditional and contemporary bathroom taps with designs to suit any bathroom project. The range includes Adele, Asbury, Black, Brookhaven Lever, Cudo, Emmie and Quadrado to name just a few.


Cifial showers are available in a wide range of showering formats and design styles. You can have a drench shower head, shower arms, multi-function shower heads, concealed valves and even bodyjets if desired. More traditional wall mounted thermostatic shower columns are also available.


No bathroom is complete without sanitaryware. The Cifial sanitaryware line includes basins, toilet bowls and cisterns in a choice of designs and styles. Something to suit every bathroom project.