Hib Bathroom Mirrors & Cabinets

Hib was founded in 1990, beginning life as a small bathroom mirror company. The business soon developed and grew into the world leading bathroom product manufacturer it is today.

Hib offer a wide range of quality assured bathroom products including bathroom cabinets, mirrors, bathroom furniture, lighting and ventilation.


Hib bathroom products logo

We are pleased to offer a range of products  from a major UK manufacturer. Hib are known for their top quality designs and high quality products. A small sample of the products offered by Hib are shown below.

Hib bathroom mirrors
Hib Connect 50 Mirror
hib sphere mirror
hib illuminated bathroom mirror
hib bathroom mirror


If you would like to see the full range of Hib products, you can visit Hib

For more information regarding bathroom cabinets and illuminated mirrors please feel free to contact Kitchen and Bathroomers.

Hib Product Range Includes

Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets

Hib offer a wide range of bathroom cabinets with many ultra modern features available if desired such as:


  • Illuminated Aluminium cabinets
  • Illuminated recessed cabinets
  • Colour changing illuminated cabinets

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Hib offer a range of bathroom mirrors with many modern features including


  • LED Illuminated bathroom mirrors
  • USB charging sockets
  • Heated Mirrors