Quooker – The Boiling Water Tap For Your Kitchen

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Getting hot water in your kitchen can take time depending on where the boiler is situated in your home. The farther away from the kitchen, the longer it takes to reach your kitchen tap.

A great innovative solution is a boiling water tap by Quooker. This Dutch invention provides instant boiling water for your kitchen. Quooker taps are available in eight designs and three finishes.

Running costs are as little as 3p per day and the taps are ultra safe, even having childproof push and turn handles.

Quooker kitchen tap images
Quooker Fusion boiling water tap

Quooker Fusion Round

Quooker flex boiling water tap

Quooker Flex

Quooker Fusion instant boiling water tap

Quooker Fusion Square

Quooker taps can also be fitted with a cold water activated charcoal filter to give you great quality filtered water. Filters need changing at six month intervals to maintain optimal performance.

For more information regarding the Quooker range please feel free to contact Kitchen and Bathroomers

Quooker cold water filter

Quooker Boiling Water Tap Advantages

Instant Boiling Water

Quooker boiling water taps are a great addition to a modern kitchen. Low running costs and no waiting an age for your boiler to feed hot water are just a couple of the advantages.

Quooker boiling water tap logo