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Carron Bathrooms are at the forefront of modern bath design and can be relied on to produce high quality baths manufactured by craftsmen. Carron Baths go through an eight stage process before they leave the factory  in Falkirk, Scotland.

If you are looking for a quality hand finished bath, Carron are a great choice for your bathroom.


Carronite Baths


Carronite™ baths are stronger and heavier than standard acrylic baths. The additional finishing layers crafted during the Carronite™ process create a uniquely reinforced product. The added weight requires a bespoke fitting system that only adds to the stability and rigid feel of our Carronite™ baths. These elements combined help deliver the Carronite™ experience.

Carron Bathrooms highgate se bath

Carron Highgate SE Bath

Carron Bathrooms Camden se bath

Carron Camden SE Bath

Carron Bathrooms Urban Bath
Carron Bathrooms Celsius Bath
Carron Bathrooms Urban Sit Bath


If you would like to see the full range you can visit Carron Bathrooms

For more information regarding the Carron Bathrooms range please feel free to contact Kitchen and Bathroomers

Carron Bathrooms Range Includes

Hand Finished Baths


Carron Bathrooms offer high quality, hand finished baths of the highest quality from the factory in Scotland.


Various Shaped Baths


Carron Baths are available in a range of designs and shapes to suit. Including:

  • Rectangular Single Ended
  • Rectangular Double Ended
  • Freestanding Baths
  • Shower Baths
  • Corner Baths