BC Designs Bathrooms

BC Designs are at the forefront of bathroom innovation and design thanks to the famous designs such as Oxford, Astoria and Windsor.

BC Designs are known for leading the way when it comes to the bathroom market. Much of this is due to the Chairman of BC Designs, Barrie Cutchie who co-founded the company

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BC Designs Boat Bath

BC Designs Baths

BC Designs Gio Bath

BC Designs Gio Bath

BC Designs Vive Bath

BC Designs Vive Bath


Victrion Crosshead Basin Mixer


Victrion 12 Inch Shower Head


Victrion Bath Shower Mixer

BC Designs produce a range of excellent bathroom products including bc designs baths, bc designs lighting, bc designs mirrors and even beautiful light switches for your bathroom delight.

For more information regarding the BC Designs range of products please feel free to contact Kitchen and Bathroomers.

BC Designs Product Range Includes


BC Designs offer a wide range of baths in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Designs include freestanding baths, shower baths, single-ended baths, double-ended baths, roll top baths and corner baths.


BC Designs offer a range of wash basins in various designs including:

  • Bampton Basins
  • Aurelius Basins
  • Delicata Basins
  • Kurv Basins
  • Magnus Basins
  • Senator Basins
  • Gio Basins
  • Tasse Basins
  • Vive Basins


BC Designs offer a range of Victrion brassware and shower products in different design formats such as crosshead, Lever, Mono and Deck Mounted.